My name is Douglas Drew Kallerson, I am an  Artist for the Lord. I had a life changing event in my life(will go into at a latter date) and the Lord brought me back as an Artist for Him.The Lord shows me visions/dreams,then illustrates and paints them. Once was said,”A picture is worth a thousand words”  I was a happy man,had a great Union job,living in the supposed city of “entertainment=Las Vegas”.Then one faithful Friday day in June of 2005,I agreed to work overtime. I was pushing a big reel of electrical wire on to an industrial sized lift(elevator that holds JCB tractors and such). I had my head down(was wearing a hard hat) when the outer door of the lift came crashing down on to the back of my head/neck. I was almost guillotined! I was very sick to my stomach and my head,neck and lower back were in so much pain.The company I worked for did not notify the emergency system(911 or 999). Instead they put me in a company truck,drove pass two emergency rooms,took me to a drug testing place,to see if I was drinking or on drugs,so they would have no liability in the accident. Well I did not do drugs and I had not been drinking,period. After I did a breath tests(o.oo) a doctor came in because I could not pee and I was stumbling all over the room.The doctor found out what happened to me,refused to touch me,called the fire brigade.The ambulance then took me to the AnE(ER). The 1st thoughts were I had a broken neck and had been moved away from the site with out spinal protection. I was given no drugs or anything as then the staff at the hospital started thinking does he have a possible concussion or brain injury?

Long story short,I did not get correct treatment. I lingered for nearly 6 months at my home in a “walking coma”,being prescripted a load of narcotic pain killers and muscle relaxors.Then finally when I continued to stumble around,found my memory was going,stopped reading the paper,because I could not.My Workman’s Compensation lawyer got me finally to get a brain injury test.I failed all them miserably. I then went to a Neuro Rehab facility which got me back to walking without stumbling,talking some what normal without stuttering or holding my words.I will write more later,this hard bring up this stuff.God Bless ye Today marks the 6th year anniversary of my TBI accident. I thank God Almighty that His son ,Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior came and rescued me from a life of nothing and full of Love,Joy and Happiness! Yes I have emotions now,I did not for a long time and bad days do come,but I know where I am going and its worth the trouble and pain here on earth. I will get into my after death experience here in a day or so and then tell you of another death episode where I went to Hell,was rescued by God and saw and heard Jesus speaking to me! I have been a Watchman on the Walls for a little over 3 years after having a Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI), that destroyed the right frontal lobe of my brain and partially destroyed the left frontal lobe. The Frontal Lobes make up your personality,intelligence,word and sentence construction,literally it is the YOU. I have suffered physical death twice on this earth; the 1st time for over 20 minutes(documented by a Las Vegas Fire Department EMS run report) and the 2nd time a day and halve later. The 1st time was like an out of body experience. I saw me dead, others working to save me and then nothing after I was shocked back to life in the back of the ambulance.  I described in detail to all who were there what happened,who did what and where they were and what they said during my death. They were shocked,because I knew details that I surely could never know. My 2nd physical death, changed my eternal life/ I was Born Again and I thank God for it so much. I died,was then taken by a Winged demon to Hell. I saw Satin chained to the floor of Hell with massive gold chains. I knew I was not an evil or bad guy and did not deserve to be there. Then a small voice in my head said; “Say the 1st prayer I ever taught you.” The Our Father/ Lord’s Prayer. I said it after stumbling through because of the TBI and over the years of not going to church because of the institution of church I had no believe in or faith in. I finally said the prayer correct and a huge hand came out of the air,it grabbed me by the back of my neck and took me through a Great White Tunnel. As I was moving through the tunnel, all my hurts,pains,bad thoughts,bad memories disappeared.My brain became clear for the 1st time since my TBI. I ended up at the feet of Jesus Christ,Our Lord and Savior. Jesus was wearing a shimmering white robe with a gold sash and He had the Bluest eyes I ever saw and He was crying tears of joy for me.Jesus said to me,”It’s not your time,Go back.” I thought to myself,”why do I want to go back to that crap?(meaning earth,TBI problems and such) Then a booming baritone voice came from behind me(ABBA the Father God Almighty!) saying “Who are You to say NO to GOD!!” I then knew I was dead and God could have left me to rot in hell forever.The next day was the 1st time ever in my life I had proclaimed “Jesus Christ,is my Lord and Savior!” in public. I felt no embarrassment or shame that society can impose upon Born Again Christians for openly proclaiming their faith. Later that day, I was brain tired and needed a nap. I went to go to sleep. I then saw a figure of a woman standing near my door.Now she was not what I describe as ordinary. Her head was above the door jam and she was wearing a white flowing rob.She opened her mouth,I heard nothing.She started moving towards me,but not by walking,but by ,well like floating? She came closer to me with her mouth open,then a odd,weird thing to me at the time happened,her face started to “morph”,change into different women’s faces. A face would appear,then another,it was changing all the time. I was like “what?” Then she stood over me,looking me in the eyes,then like out of no where my brain started thinking of like a “Matrix” movie style of lines of coded words and numbers floating up n down in my brain.Then as fast as it started it stop and I heard her speak, “Don’t worry,your going to be okay” It was like the “Angel of the Lord” literally had to go through a lexicon of languages to find one that mind could recognize.

My journey has continued. Late in 2007, I was lonely and depressed. I asked the Lord “Who would want me as a husband?” The Lord came back to me and I heard”I have a mate for you”. Now I had nothing to offer to a lady,I was broke,not going to ever be able to hold down a job again and besides all the physical pain I was an emotional nightmare. I then went to the internet,typed in ‘Christian Dating’ sites. I was shocked at the number of them! I then started to investigate if these sites were really ‘Christian’ based. I found an article that told me that roughly over 90% of so called ‘Christian Dating’ sites were owned by porn sites that had all types of ‘dating sites’. I found one and then my future wife ‘winked’ at me. I was straight up and honest in my description of me,my accident and my future life.Doreen wanted to listen.We typed emails(we have some saved and I can not believe she could even read them! My words were backwards,misspelled, it was a rambling mess).I will have Doreen come here and give her part of the ‘courting,romance,engagement,eloping,wedding’ when she can come to the computer.

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  1. KATHY says:

    I would love to hear about your near death experiences……have you posted them ?
    God bless you

  2. Linda says:

    Love you brother Doug!! and What a TESTIMONY IT IS!! A TRUE MIRACLE FROM G-D! I know when Our LORD, instructs you to share , You will be obedient to TELL the WORLD of what OUR SAVIOR has done on your behalf!! until then , my prayer for us all is that OUR LORD grant us WISDOM and DISCERNMENT, and open the eyes of our understanding and to let our “DEAF EARS” HEAR what THE HOLY SPIRIT is saying!! Amen.

  3. Oscar says:

    hey Drew,
    just read this and i was totally blown away.

  4. "Oz" says:

    ” It was Great to meet up with you both – during trip on Sunday 22nd & our stay with “Gordon in northern Ireland…”
    We would love to share your personal testimony on our website @ http://www.kctvmedia.com – Maybe we could also skype up sometime…to hear further good news!

    “Oz” and Rev. Peter Scothern & friends / Glos:


  5. David says:

    wow what a testimony… the lack of emotion really relates to me too. everything is just numb all the time with sometimes overpowering bitterness and anger, but your story is really inspiring for God can do to the heart… all the best buddy 😀

  6. Nance says:

    I am humbled by your story; I have one too; AIG owned by Soros destroyed my WC case. I make it thru each day by Jesus’s Grace. See you online, dear Brother. God bless you and your dear Bride.
    Dia Duit.

  7. Oz says:

    Hello Doug, great to hear from you again bro! If you fancy sharing more with US @ KCTVMEDIA – we can Skype… Please let us know….. i’ve put your link on the front page on the right-handside http://www.kctvmedia.com – The information links continues to encourage & Bless Our Viewers!

    Isn’t it Amazing… to know that “Britain” in the Hebrew language means… “Covenant People / Covenant Land !!!

    More can be found on this – by visiting – http://www.JahTruth.net / http://www.Trunews.com

  8. Opole Silas says:

    Glory to our Lord Jesus. we Praise God for the work is doing , we are really blessed and Impacting through the Word.

  9. Pablo says:

    Wow Doug.

    …and i thought I lived a harrowing life.

    This is Ernie from Superior Word live chat BTW. I’m finally getting signed up to see all your art.

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