Different Isaiah 66:13

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3 Responses to Different Isaiah 66:13

  1. Enda Glynn says:

    Hi there and the Lord’s Blessings to you from another superior word fan!
    I came across your drawings through Charlie Garrets superior word church on youtube.
    I love them, so well done on your awesome art!

    I am in galway city,
    and its nice to know that there is another superior word follower over here on this isle.
    I try to follow God’s word now,
    and studying the scriptures has been a real blessing to me over the last few years.
    And Charlies videos are a real eye opener!

    I was a pretty standard roman catholic for my whole life until I realized that there is no relationship there!
    I have come to fear those words – “depart from me for I do not know you”
    So I want to know the Lord before I stand before Him.

    This is really just a note to let you know that there is someone else here in Ireland that is in fellowship with you at superior word church.
    Feel free to contact me if you wish,
    but suffice to know that I have been blessed by your paintings.

    Blessings of the Lord to you and yours,
    enda glynn.

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