1Corinthians 15-51

IMG_NEW1 Corinthians 15-51,Jesus Christ,Yeshua,God,Son of God,Rapture,Taking away,Bride,Bride Groom,Wedding,Heaven,Peacock,Royal,Lamp,Light,Light of the world,End Times,Last Days

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2 Responses to 1Corinthians 15-51

  1. Well its been a long time but the Lord has allowed me to start publishing HIS art on the internet again.Please enjoy and God Bless Thy.

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    I did no know when the Lord had me draw this of Christ coming for His bride,that my wife had been crying out to the Lord for 2 weeks. Someone(not me) had broken her heart and she wanted Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiach to come and take her home!.The bride is ready for the groom.She has her lamp trimmed,full of oil and lite.She has the ‘Marriage (NEW) Covenant posted on the wall.

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